as Above as Below


Dear ladies and gentleman,

We are writing 21th of October 2016 and the underwritten words and meaning in between the words, shares with us:

I Tjing : 18 Repair – Right livelihood (6th generation – parent 19 – twin 38)

Kabalah : Cancer

Tarot : Justice

Tzolkin : Eagle 1 – Dog 1 – Serpent 1 – Sun 1


18. Ku / Work on what has  been spoiled [ Decay ]



The Chinese character ku represents a bowl in whose contents worms are

breeding.  This means decay.  IT is come about because the gentle indifference

in the lower trigram has come together with the rigid inertia of the upper,

and the result is stagnation.  Since this implies guilt, the conditions embody a

demand for removal of the cause.  Hence the meaning of the hexagram is not

simply “what has been spoiled” but “work on what has been spoiled”.



Has supreme success.

It furthers one to cross the great water.

Before the starting point, three days.

After the starting point, three days.

What has been spoiled through man’s fault can be made good again through

man’s work.  IT is not immutable fate, as in the time of STANDSTILL, that

has caused the state of corruption, but rather the abuse of human freedom.

Work toward improving conditions promises well, because it accords the

possibilities of the time.  We must not recoil from work and danger-

symbolized by crossing of the great water-but must take hold energetically.

Success depends, however, on proper deliberation.  This is expressed by the

lines, “Before the starting point, three days. After the starting point, three

days.”  We must first know the cause of corruption before we can do away

with them; hence it is necessary to be cautious during the time before the

start.  Then we must see to it that the new way is safely entered upon, so that

a relapse may be avoided; therefore we must pay attention to the time after

the start.  Decisiveness and energy must take  the place of inertia  and

indifference that have led to decay, in order that the ending may be followed

by a new beginning.


The wind blows low on the mountain:

The image of DECAY.

Thus the superior man stirs up the people

And strengthens their spirit.

When the wind blow s slow on the mountain, it is thrown back and spoils

the vegetation.  This contains a challenge to improvement.  It is the same

with debasing attitudes and fashions; they corrupt human society.  His

methods likewise must be derived from the two trigrams, but in such a way

that their effects unfold in orderly sequence.  The superior must first remove

stagnation by stirring up public opinion, as the wind stirs up everything, and

must strengthen and tranquilize the character of the people, as the mountain

gives tranquillity and nourishment to all that grows in its vicinity.